Trip to Phuket
When I arrived first time in to Thailand, it was rainy day in Phuket airport. Weather was really warm and wet. But that didn't last for long. After a few hours sun started to shine and there was at least about +30 celsius, and no clouds in the sky. In Thailand every travellers should remember that the weather can change quite much during the day. And as a matter of fact, little rain just feels great.

Phuket is really popular place for travelers all over the world, and you can hear discussions in English, German, Russian, Swedish, Finnish... But mostly you can see how Swedish people has got their affects to Thailand in Swedish restaurants, Swedish menus, Swedish news papers, you can find Swedish all most every where in Phuket beaches.

Most of the beaches are clean and comfortable. You can find sunchairs at the beach, but remember to check are those free from the renters. Beach has being divided to parts, where people rent those chairs for few hundred bath. You can find the difference by their sun umbrellas or the color of chairs. Renters also can get you bottle of Singha beer or cold watermelon drink, so you can forgot to get water bottle with you at the beach.

Shopping in Thailand is quite cheap, but the quality may change a lot. Most of the products are copy from famous products like Adidas, Nike and at this moment Ed Hardy.
Very nice people
Safe place for travelers
Good and cheap food
Many good massagers
Biggest restaurants are quite expensive
Sellers at the beach
Some massage places isn't so clean